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Importance of cursive writing

We need to understand the importance of handwriting and the importance of cursive writing. We always hear a for and against debate about writing. Writing is an important aspect in the development of a child. It helps to develops their hand muscles and enhances their imagination.A beautiful handwriting is a confidence booster and cursive handwriting helps them to gain speed.

You can feel the difference between text writing and cursive writing. If you use text, you will see that the speed is a bit slow and if you use cursive the speed of your writing increases. It helps when you grow up. When the notes to be prepared are more. When the written load is more. It helps you at that time. If you use cursive it will ease the process of writing and taking down the notes. Do try it out or compare the differences between someone who uses text and someone who uses cursive.

Now you might wonder if it is useful in the later age why do we need to use it now with our little children?

The reason behind imparting this technique to young children is because small kids are like wet clay. They can be molded in the way we want. They don’t know what is right and what is wrong. They have not set their parameters. They are still learning and are eager to learn. So, it is much easy to teach them at an early age what is good for them.

Small children are still developing their grip, muscle formation is developing. It is the right time to give them the stimulus to use it in the right way. That is the reason Dr. Maria Montessori introduced cursive letters and small letters before the capital letter to young children. Children are unaware what is difficult and easy. They are just learning.

So, if we introduce them without stress and in a fun way, they will pick it up. But what we do is we start to stress on repetition, and this repetition leads to boredom. So avoid repeating things with the child. Let the child enjoy, if you feel the child is getting bored leave it. Do it some other time.

Our aim is to provide the best to the child and to provide the environment which is suitable for their development. Which will help them once they grow. So, encourage your child to write, don’t force them to do it. Small efforts reap to better results. Encourage your child, appreciate them always. Appreciation develops confidence and motivates to do better.