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Is your child getting all the nutrients? Importance of a Balanced Diet

As Mothers we are always worried about what our child eats. We are always behind them and they are behind us..:). it s a never ending  hide and seek game between both of us. We prepare a full meal for them but they end up eating half of it. We prepare a nice fresh meal but they end up eating a cold one. We want to give them fresh food made at home. But they prefer fast food…

All these things make me confused as to what  I am doing for my child is it good or bad. Is she really eating a balanced diet? Is she getting all the nutrients?

Like most of the mothers even I feel she might be missing on something. As a parent we are always on a look out for something which is quick and easy for a child to take.

Fruit juices are one such thing which are all time favourite of the children. The packaged juices  are a safe bet for parents while they are outside. Recently I attended a meet organised by #tinystep and #tropicanaindia. And  feel so relieved that companies are trying to bring something healthy for the children. The tetra pack are safe for our children. Tetra packs do not use any preservatives. They also contain essential nutrients.They are coming up with new range of healthy juices which will provide health as well as taste to them.

So if next time you give a glass or a pack of juice to your child, be relaxed you are not doing something wrong. Fresh is always better, but when we don’t have a option and we trust a packaged juice there is no harm.

Just take a sip and relax… trust your mother instinct as I always say, it will not let you do anything wrong.


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Skola Toys

We all loved to play with toys and still love to do it. But we can see the change in the mindset of parents these days.They prefer screen and gadgets more than toys. Screen is  easy way out for them.

Even when we go to a toy shop we get lot of plastic and electronic toys where a child is not left to do much with.They just press the button and they are done. These type of toys are not a substitute for screen time.

A toy is something which challenges the child, brings out the creativity and imagination in them. Keep them occupied at the same time help them in exploring new things.

When #Skolatoys invited me for the bloggers meet. I experienced their research behind the toys. The Material that was used, why it is used. They use wood as wood is sturdy and wooden toys are called generation toys as they can be passed on, they are so long lasting.The concepts they had covered. The way it was represented. Their inspiration behind the design and toys none  other than Dr. Maria Montessori was quite evident.

I would highly recommend if anybody is looking for a good educational toys please check out #skola for sure.You will get beautiful experience and your your child will learn a lot more than you can expect.

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The importance of an RO water purifier

Drinking water quality is one of the key concerns in the modern era. Pollution is on a gradual rise, which makes it necessary to ensure proper purification standards to safeguard health of your family members. The old filtration methods cannot tackle the impurities adequately, hence the need for an RO water purifier.

 RO is considered to be the best bet for water purification. RO stands for reverse osmosis, which involves filtering water by subjecting it to high pressure in order to remove traces of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and THMs from water.

Now this is something that every purifier promises but the task is to find the best RO water purifier.

  Livpure’sRO purifier is equipped with an extensive purification process that filters our all-possible impurities from the water and ensures good health for your family members. Under its warranty process, there are also provisions for replacement of the RO water purifier filter that is the major contributor in cleaning the impure water.