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School connects

Parents dream their children grow to be the pioneers of next generation, and in that aspiration look for the best education and learning they can provide. Their first and foremost challenge is finding a good school, and with so much of chaos around admissions these days, parents look to their peer and former parents for help in making those choices and decisions. To their respite today, there is SchoolConnects
There is always anxiety amongst parents about when admission forms will be available for different schools as there is no reliable source of information. The school admissions calendar from them luckily helps Bangalore parents be on top of the dates all the school applications. An interestingly there is this chaos across most cities in the country and they have one for every city. Despite having such information, parents still seek their peer connect to exchange reviews and feedback which is enabled by their Parent Talk, a Facebook like social network for parents created by SchoolConnects
In the past couple years, that we have been following SchoolConnect, have seen them evolve from helping parents in finding admissions to enabling the parents with exclusive and discounted access to the best products and services they need for a child’s early hood growth and development. Today, they have registered nearly 40k parents and I see the community only growing. Glad to see such platform dedicated for the parents and their children.


I am an education consultant, with a vision to make learning a loyful experience for children.

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