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I hope you all have been reading my articles. It is because of your trust and support that today, I saw my rank on a leading parenting portal as #1 yes number 1. The ranks change everyday, today I am number 1 tomorrow it will be someone else. But yes today it is me, whose articles you liked, whose blog you followed. Your writer, it is your love and support that has brought me here. May be it is just for a day but today is my day, and it is a big one for me.

I want to share this special day with all of you. Please follow me on under the name RICHA PANDEY. Read all my articles there share your thoughts, comments, feeedbacks. It is this platform where I saw today morning #1. I thank God and all of you. It is your love and support. Don’t forget to check the website today.

Thank you all!



I am a fun loving person, who likes to enjoy the life the way it comes. I wish to make this planet a better place to live, by protecting it. My aim is to help them in living a better life. I ram an Education consultant, so if you feel confused do share your confusion. It will surely be resolved.

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